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Unlike earlier, your smartphone is now your trustworthy companion on those adventure trips - more so if you are planning to travel solo. Multiple mobile applications have been developed by trusted organisations that ensure a safe and undemanding travel experience. Here are a few apps you must download when planning that trip.

1. Google Maps 
Google Maps is one of the most commonly used applications in the world, so you are probably familiar with it. In addition to checking distances and finding directions, it also lets you locate nearby ATMs, restaurants, landmarks and more. Additionally, the app provides multiple routes to a destination, which is extremely useful when criss-crossing congested cities and towns or bypassing them using lesser known roads.

2. Google Translate 
Those who travel frequently, share how difficult it can be to communicate in the local languages or dialects; they neither can ask for directions nor inquire about any particular place. There's now an app that is capable of translating not only notes but also conversations - in 43 languages; handwritings - in 95 languages; and images - in 50 languages. Do remember to download it when you head for your vacation and communication will no longer be an issue.

3. Uber/OLA 
Uber and OLA provide cab services in all major Indian cities. Travellers can choose from minicars, sedans, motorbikes or even auto rickshaws with these apps. They are very user friendly, economical, and commute not just intra-city but intercity too. Additionally, travellers may share rides with others to save on the fares.

4. TripIt 
Travellers who lack planning will find TripIt a saviour. You don't have to worry if you are one of them. Just download TripIt and get started. Once you log in, the app will ask you for your travel details (such as duration, budget and time of visit) and it will plan and prepare your trip itinerary. Additionally, it will sync your flight, hotel, car and other reservations with your phone's calendar so that you can add them to your master itinerary.

5. Incredible India 
Find places worth visiting in the country without relying on word-of-mouth anymore. This innovative app developed by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India provides information about popular sightseeing spots, restaurants, hotels and other experiences that India offers. You can also use the app to find out about major cities and landmarks in India.

*All the mentioned apps are available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. So make sure you have all these apps on your smartphone before leaving for your solo trip and you will never feel out of the loop again.