Soumya Prakash Pradhan

UPI has transformed India's digital payment system, allowing people to transfer money to bank accounts through their smartphones at any time.

However, while UPI is secure, users often make mistakes like sending money to the wrong accounts. This problem is common yet scary as UPI transactions cannot be reverted once they are processed. 

But don't worry as there are several methods through which you can raise your dispute for the unintentional transaction through UPI.

Here, we have listed down how to quickly and easily resolve UPI money transfer issues.

File complaint in NPCI portal

There is a complaint form on the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) web site. Here is the guide you need to follow to file a complaint on NPCI:

1.Go to NPCI's official website
2.Click on the 'What we do tab Option'
3.Tap on UPI, and select Dispute Redressal Mechanism.
4.Fill in all your transaction details, including UPI transaction ID, virtual payment address, amount transferred, date of transaction, email ID, and mobile number.
5.Select Incorrectly transferred to another account' as the reason for the complaint.
6.Submit your complaint.

Approach banking ombudsman

In accordance with RBI guidelines, you may contact the Ombudsman by post, hand delivery if you write your complaint on plain paper. The Ombudsman for Digital Transactions can also be contacted via email.

Who is the Ombudsman for digital transactions?

An RBI official has been appointed as an ombudsman to resolve customer complaints about digital transactions. According to Clause 8 of the Scheme, the official will investigate complaints filed against System Participants for deficiency in services.

UPI transactions are quick and easy, but one should always double-check before sending money to avoid any unintentional transactions. However, if such transactions happen, you can follow the above steps to get your money back.