Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Have you ever thought about watching Instagram reels while moonwalking? Well, Nokia is making this possible by setting up a 4G network in space.

This initiative is in collaboration with NASA, and the 4G mobile network will be launched in a SpaceX rocket near the end of 2023.

But, you may wonder why there is a need for a 4G network on the moon. It turns out that it will help in the Artemis 1 mission.

The 4G network will enable remote control of the rover, real-time video streaming, and transmission of telemetry data back to Earth.

These capabilities will be incredibly helpful for the astronauts working on the moon, as well as for the scientists and engineers monitoring their work from Earth.

The first launch is scheduled for November 2023, and the technology will be used only for astronauts and the equipment used on the moon's surface.

Nokia is setting up the 4G network on the moon with the help of NASA's Tipping Point program. Communication between equipment, astronauts, and Earth will be fast, and it will be possible to make WhatsApp video calls from the moon to Earth using this technology.

You may wonder why Nokia is opting for 4G instead of 5G. The reason is simple - it's because the Earth doesn't have a better 5G network yet.

Nokia is also planning to launch a 5G network on the moon in the future, but for now, 4G is the best option. With the 4G network, astronauts can stay connected with their office update back on Earth, and they can share their experiences in real-time.