• Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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How to recover data from your broken smartphone

When your phone breaks, you may be unable to unlock it and lose access to contacts, photos, messages, and other important data stored on the broken device.

Odishatv Bureau
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Broken PhonePhotoPhoto: Freepik

How to recover data from your broken smartphone

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A smartphone with a broken display is common. Sometimes the cost of repairing the screen is prohibitively expensive, forcing you to upgrade to a new device. But what happens to the device's photos, videos, and other data? Here are three methods for retrieving data from a broken smartphone and transferring it to a new device.

Method 1: Use Google Backup or iCloud 

Most modern smartphones, whether Android or iPhone, include a dedicated cloud backup feature that is usually enabled as soon as you sign in with a Google Account or an Apple ID. If the display on your device is damaged, you can use the same Google Account or Apple ID to log in to another device, and it will automatically restore the last backup data on the new device.

Method 2: Use Google Takeout and iCloud website 

Another notable method is to use Google Takeout for Android and the iCloud website for iOS to download your data from your old smartphone.

For Android users, open any web browser to takeout.google.com and sign in with the Google Account associated with the device. You can select the data you want to download here, such as contacts, photos, mail, messages, and so on.

For Samsung devices, if you own a Samsung smartphone that is linked to your Samsung Account. You can use the Find my mobile website to back up and download all of your data to Samsung Cloud.

For iOS, sign in to your iCloud account to see all of your data, including Contacts, Notes, Photos, iCloud Drive, and so on.

Method 3: Use Mouse and data cable 

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) and mouse are also supported by modern smartphones for wired external displays. To see the display on your TV or monitor and use the mouse to navigate through the menu and transfer your data, you'll need an MHL cable and a wired mouse, as well as a dongle.

These are the three most common methods for transferring data from a broken display device. Also, if you want to transfer WhatsApp data, WhatsApp has its own backup feature.