Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The festival of Holi is a cheerful and joyous occasion celebrated across India and around the world. The festival is known for its vibrant colours, water balloons, and sprinklers. While the festivities are a lot of fun, they can also pose a significant risk to our phones and other gadgets.

It's essential to take necessary precautions to prevent any damage to our electronic devices.

The traditional way of playing Holi involves throwing coloured powder, water balloons, and sprinkling water on each other. However, these can be damaging to our phones, causing irreversible damage to our devices.

The water can seep into the phone's ports and cause a short circuit, leading to permanent damage. Coloured powder can also get lodged into the phone's speaker and microphone, causing muffled sounds or even complete failure.

Dos and Don'ts in Holi:

To avoid damage to electronic devices, you must follow certain dos and don'ts while playing Holi. Firstly, you must keep our phones and other gadgets in a safe and dry place away from the festivities. If you must carry your phone with you, ensure that it is well-protected in a waterproof case.

It's also essential to keep a microfibre cloth handy to wipe off any excess water or coloured powder from the device's surface.

It's crucial not to use any heat sources, such as hair dryers or microwaves, to dry your phone if it gets wet. This could lead to permanent damage to the device's internal components.

We must also avoid shaking our phone energetically or pressing any buttons as this can cause the water to spread further into the phone.

Finally, it's essential to wait until the phone is entirely dry before attempting to turn it back on.