Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google Maps is an exceptional resource for guiding you through any part of the globe, whether you are discovering a new destination or exploring a familiar one.

Among the numerous valuable features offered by Google Maps, Street View stands out as particularly advantageous, as it enables you to virtually roam the streets of any location of your choice.

Here is how to access and utilise Street View within Google Maps, streamlining the process of finding your way around any place.

Street View on the Mobile App

To access Street View on your Android or iOS device using the mobile app, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps application on your device to get started.
  2. Look for the Layers icon at the top-right corner of the screen, indicated in the picture below, to view the map types and details that you can display.
  3. From the Map details menu, select Street View.
  4. To return to the map, either tap the X button or tap anywhere outside the Layers menu.
  5. If Street View is accessible in the location you're viewing, the pathways and roads will appear with a blue line overlay.
  6. Choose the area you want to explore, and the app will open a split-screen view, with the Street View view in the top half and the default map view in the bottom half, allowing you to explore more regions.
  7. To switch to full-screen Street View mode and get a visitor's perspective of the location, tap the Expand icon at the bottom-right corner of the Street View window.
  8. To navigate within the app, simply tap on the directional arrows or perform a double-tap gesture in the direction you wish to move. Additionally, you can zoom in on the content to get a closer view.

Benefits of Street View

Street View is a highly advantageous resource for a variety of purposes, such as obtaining directions to an unfamiliar location, scouting out a place before visiting, or simply satisfying your curiosity about a particular place.

By allowing you to virtually wander through the streets of any location, Street View provides an immersive experience, similar to physically being present in that location.

This enables you to navigate with ease and find your way around an unfamiliar area. 

Additionally, Street View includes useful features like distance and area measurements, which can facilitate route planning and checking the distance between two points, making it an extremely useful tool.