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While delicious meals are something most women wish they would love to create - time and effort dictate otherwise. But don’t fret now, because we’ve got you covered. These smart and tech-savvy gadgets will make your frantic cooking routine as enjoyable as your meals!

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1. Sandwich Maker (Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster)

Bring a sandwich maker home so you can have hot, fresh, and healthy sandwiches in a matter of minutes. Cut the veggies, apply butter, place the bread slices and your wholesome, portable breakfast is ready. The smart and stylish appliance comes with options of grilling too, so you can flip between the choice of sandwiches the family wants.

2. Smart Chopper (Tupperware Smart Chopper)

With the smooth Smart Chopper, you can chop onions, mince paneer, puree tomatoes, and whisk eggs just in a flash! This gadget is an ideal time saver. You just need to pull the rope to rotate the triple blade in order to finely chop the vegetables.

3. Coffee Maker (Delonghi BC0320 Pump Espresso and Drip Coffee Maker) 

If your day doesn't start without a cup of coffee, you can vouch for this coffee maker that offers dual service - it prepares filter coffee and espresso too! Accustomed to a special cappuccino system, the coffee maker combines steam, air, and milk to create a creamy, foamy cappuccino.

You may cook quickly and efficiently by using these aforementioned gadgets, which are ideally the best kitchen accompaniments for working women.