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In the event that your Android phone is a few years old and is no longer receiving updates, you may be concerned about its security. Fortunately, there are still a few steps you can take to help keep your phone secure.

1. Make sure to update all your installed apps 

It is crucial that you keep your apps up-to-date since these updates could include important security patches. A variety of cyberattacks can be prevented if you ensure your apps are up-to-date. High-profile spyware such as Pegasus exploits vulnerabilities in apps such as WhatsApp to infect your device with spyware.

2. Make sure to manage your permissions

Managing the app permissions is a smart way to keep things under check. Your contacts, camera, microphone, and location may all be accessible to others without your knowledge or permission, so make sure to check it once.

3. Avoid app hoarding

The other useful tip is to download only the apps you need, and not to hoard apps simply because they are popular with others. It is more likely that one of your Android apps will contain a security vulnerability that hackers might exploit if you have installed more apps.

4. Protect your phone with physical security

It is important to ensure adequate physical device security and access control to protect your device when a hacker has physical access to your device. Many cyberattacks occur when a hacker has physical access. Your cell phone should be secured with extra layers of security such as biometrics and complex passwords, and you should not share it with anyone.

5. Use a trusted security app

You can use a good mobile security app to keep your phone safe and secure. This app will scan your device for malicious apps, display the detailed permissions of each app, and allow you to remove or amend them accordingly.

It is ideal if all devices received security updates forever, but manufacturers eventually stop supporting older devices at some point. You need to take these measures to make sure your device is protected from cyber threats if it is no longer receiving updates.