Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google CEO Sundar Pichai assured that their AI chatbot Bard will be improved over time.

As per the promise of the company, Bard can now assist in writing and debugging code.

Additionally, Bard can explain code to users and help with Google Sheets functions.

Bard's new powers:

Google announced that Bard's new capabilities include coding assistance, as it was one of the most requested features from users.

Bard can now aid in programming and software development tasks, such as code generation, debugging, and explanation, in over 20 programming languages, like Java, Python, and C++.

Additionally, Bard can assist with Google Sheets function creation, making it a valuable asset for Google users.

Bard's ability to explain code:'

Apart from generating code, Bard can explain code snippets to users, which is especially beneficial for those new to programming or require extra help in comprehending code output.

However, Google cautions that Bard is still in its early stages and may occasionally give incorrect or misleading information with confidence.

Hence, users must cross-verify Bard's responses and thoroughly test and check code for flaws, bugs, and security concerns before relying on it.

Google employees' feedback on bard:

Google employees had mixed feelings about Bard's launch.

At first, they were dissatisfied with the rushed announcement, labelling it as "un-Googley."

However, the company requested employee assistance to correct Bard's errors, incentivising them to participate.

Recently, some testers found Bard to be "useless" and a "pathological liar."

Furthermore, an employee cautioned that Bard's advice might result in "death or injury" in certain circumstances.