Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google, in its pursuit of advancing AI, is enhancing its platform by incorporating user-friendly features into AI tools like Bard.

In a recent blog post titled 'Bard’s Latest Updates,' Google announced a noteworthy addition for users worldwide to generate images in English using Bard, and this feature is offered at no cost.

According to the official reports, this capability is made possible by the Imagen 2 model, designed to balance quality and speed.

It ensures the delivery of high-quality, photorealistic outputs. To use this feature, users only need to type a description, such as ‘create an image of a dog riding a surfboard,’ and Bard will generate customised visuals to bring the idea to life.

An example of an image generated by Bard AI tools is provided below for reference;

AI image generation

Bard AI tools also use SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks into the pixels of generated images.

Google emphasises the safety of the training data, aiming to limit violent, offensive, or sexually explicit content. Filters are applied to avoid generating images of named individuals.

With these enhancements, Bard becomes an even more helpful and globally accessible AI collaborator, suitable for a range of projects, from significant creative endeavors to smaller, everyday tasks.