iPhone 14: Worth An Upgrade?

In all seriousness, iPhone 14 is practically iPhone 13 with some token upgrades and two new features. Switching to iPhone 14 may seem like a viable option for people using models older than 13.

iPhone 14

American tech giant Apple recently launched its next lineup of smart phones – the iPhone 14 series. Like the previous years, the company introduced four models, but with one change. There’s no mini this time. Since its launch, people have been sceptical regarding the upgrades from the previous models. To put that in one line, there hasn’t been much.

To begin with the design, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus look exactly like its predecessor iPhone 13 (except for increased weight and width). It has an IP 68 rating which ensures that your iPhone will be safe under water. It is protected by ceramic shield which is said to be the strongest screen guard on any smart phone.