Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Smartphones have changed our lives, but as parents, we need to decide if it's right to give them to our children. Nowadays, it's common for kids to have smartphones, which can distract them from sports and reading. 

However, Manu Kumar Jain, former Xiaomi India Head, warns us to think twice.

In a LinkedIn post, Manu Kumar discusses the harmful effects smartphones can have on children's mental health.

The Alarming Correlation

Jain cites a report by Sapien Labs that reveals a troubling link between early smartphone exposure and higher chances of developing mental disorders in adulthood.

The statistics are alarming: around 60-70% of women exposed to smartphones before age 10 experience mental health issues as adults and about 45-50% of men face similar challenges.

These numbers should make us reconsider our choices and pay attention to this issue.

Promoting Real-World Interactions

Manu Kumar highlights the importance of parents refraining from giving smartphones to children for the sake of keeping them occupied.

Instead, he suggests focusing on promoting real-world interactions, encouraging outdoor activities, and nurturing children's hobbies.

By creating a balanced environment that fosters genuine learning and social interactions, parents can contribute to their children's overall well-being.

Protecting Childhood & Future

Kumar Jain emphasiases the parental responsibility to safeguard children's mental health and cautions against the harmful effects of excessive screen time, especially for young kids.

He highlights the importance of preserving their precious childhood.

While recognising the positive impact of smartphones and tablets, Jain stresses the need for a mindful approach to their use.

He suggests exploring alternatives to smartphones in situations like crying, mealtime, or car travel, prioritising genuine experiences and human connections.