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We went through the leading health apps to uncover the finest solutions for tracking your nutrition, working exercise, and feeling happy in general.


  • MyFitnessPal 

One of the finest meal-tracking apps available is MyFitnessPal. The food diary contains a user-friendly database with nutrition facts for millions of items, including restaurant food. MyFitnessPal provides a thorough breakdown of your eating habits. Not only will you have a greater grasp of the things you're putting into your system, but there will also be some responsibility to keep you on track.

  • 8Fit

Instead of simply tracking your fitness and diet objectives, this app provides you with the tools that will assist you in reaching your goals. This app customises guidance and exercise choices. Users have a lower risk of becoming bored with the routines and are more likely to hold themselves responsible for an extended length of time if they have regular access to new and enhanced meals and workouts. 

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  • Cult

This app not only focuses on fitness but also on mindfulness, with pre-recorded meditation sessions. These sessions include stress-relieving meditation, deep breathing, and sleep tales. You will also learn about many recipes that you can prepare for a balanced diet. The Cult package is available for only Rs. 150 per month and gives you an option of trying it out before subscribing.

  • HealthifyMe 

This software is intended to assist you in losing weight swiftly and securely. The backend is supported by coaches and dieticians who provide scheduled exercises and eating recommendations and follow up regularly to keep you on track. They also customise your programme to give you the best results. You may sync the programme with exercise and calorie statistics on your phone. 

  • Cure Fit

This software helps in the holistic betterment of the person, as it provides yoga sessions and professional trainers are available remotely. Real-time performance activity gets monitored. Interestingly, this app is famous for its healthy food delivery.

Using these apps may not compensate for going to the gym or a yogashram but by bringing the exercises and workouts home and on your phone, they ensure that you don’t lose out on being fit. Moreover, they take away any excuses for remaining healthy and fit.