• Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Baidu's Ernie 3.5 launch: The next generation AI language model

Baidu is developing Ernie 3.5, a powerful AI language model. It will upgrade their search engine and power their ChatGPT-like app, Ernie Bot. Exciting advancements in AI technology ahead.

Soumya Prakash Pradhan
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Baidu's Ernie 3.5 launch: The next generation AI language modelPhotoPhoto: Twitter - livemint

Baidu's Ernie 3.5 launch: The next generation AI language model

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Baidu, a top Chinese search engine, is making great progress in artificial intelligence with a project called Ernie 3.5. CEO Robin Li introduced Ernie 3.5 at the Zhongguancun Forum and highlighted its potential to transform Baidu's services.

Here is the development of Ernie 3.5, its possible uses, and its role in enhancing Baidu's search engine.

The Unveiling of Ernie 3.5

At the Zhongguancun Forum, Baidu's CEO Robin Li shared exciting news about the upcoming release of Ernie 3.5.

This advanced AI model is set to be used in Baidu's ChatGPT-like app, Ernie Bot, and will enhance their search engine's functionalities.

Baidu's commitment to AI innovation is evident through the successful launch of Ernie Bot a few months ago, which further establishes their position in the field.

Ernie Bot's Potential

In an impressive presentation during Ernie Bot's initial launch, Robin Li highlighted a collection of pre-recorded demos that highlighted the extensive capabilities of this AI chatbot.

Following the event, a Baidu spokesperson shared additional images on WeChat, a popular messaging service in China, revealing that the new version of Ernie Bot has significantly expanded its skill set compared to its previous version.

These exciting enhancements have generated interest among tech enthusiasts and users, setting the stage for Ernie Bot's promising future success.

Testing and Competition

Baidu is currently conducting trials of its generative AI language models, such as Ernie Bot.

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