Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Geoffrey Hinton, widely known as the "Godfather of AI," has left Google after working for more than a decade due to concerns over the possible dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).

Hinton has cited the near-term risks of AI taking jobs and the proliferation of fake photos, videos, and text as major concerns that need to be addressed.

According to reports, Dr. Hinton has left his decade-long tenure at Google to freely express his concerns over the risks of AI. Hinton said, he now regrets his life’s work.

The risks of AI:

As per an interview with The New York Times, Hinton expressed concerns over the immediate dangers of AI causing job displacement and the spread of convincing fake news.

He believes that these risks need to be addressed, and hence, he left Google so that he can freely speak out about them.

Hinton mentioned the impressive capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4, which has gained widespread attention since the launch of the ChatGPT chatbot in late 2022.

Hinton's contributions to AI:

As per a report by CNBC, Hinton's research group achieved notable advancements in deep learning, leading to improvements in speech recognition and object classification technology.

Their technology would help form new ways of using AI, including ChatGPT and Bard, according to CNBC.

On May 1st, Hinton tweeted, “I left so that I could talk about the dangers of AI without considering how this impacts Google. Google has acted very responsibly.”