• Thursday, September 28, 2023
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8 iOS 17 Features to Upgrade Your iPhone Experience

iOS 17 update brings smarter autocorrect, Standby mode, Check-In notifications, Siri activation, sticker drawer, interactive widgets, mental well-being tracking, personalized call screens, and convenient contact sharing.

Soumya Prakash Pradhan
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8 iOS 17 Features to Upgrade Your iPhone ExperiencePhotoPhoto: Twitter

8 iOS 17 Features to Upgrade Your iPhone Experience

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The latest iPhone software update, iOS 17, is now available for iPhone XR and later models, bringing a host of new features that will transform your iPhone experience. Let's explore these changes:

Enhanced Autocorrect

Autocorrect has been improved, offering more accurate and intelligent word suggestions as you type. Corrected words are temporarily underlined for quick identification, and you can easily revert to the original word with a simple tap.

Standby Mode

iOS 17 introduces Standby mode, which turns your iPhone into a smart display showing the time, weather, and more when it is charging, locked, and placed horizontally.


With the Check-In feature, you can notify your loved ones when you safely reach your destination. As soon as you initiate the Check-In, your chosen contact will receive an automatic notification.

Siri Activation

You no longer need to say "Hey Siri" to activate the voice assistant. Simply say "Siri..." to start a conversation.

Sticker Drawer

iOS 17 includes a stickers drawer within Messages, where you can find Live Stickers, emojis, and more, all in one place. These stickers sync across all your devices and are easily accessible through the emoji keyboard.

Interactive Widgets

Widgets have become more interactive than ever before. You can now perform actions, manage your music and podcasts, and control smart home devices directly from your Home Screen, Lock Screen, or Standby mode.

Apple's Health

The Health app now features a "State of Mind" tracker to monitor your emotional well-being. Additionally, a "Screen Distance" setting helps prevent eye strain by ensuring that your iPhone is not held too close to your face.


Sharing contact information is now more convenient with NameDrop. Simply bring your iPhone close to another person's iPhone or an Apple Watch, and both parties can select the specific contact information they want to share.

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