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A number of iPhone models are now compatible with Reliance Jio's 5G services, according to an announcement from the company. The "True 5G" service from Jio is effectively free to use on iPhones for consumers in the appropriate areas. This has happened since Mukesh Ambani officially unveiled the Jio 5G for the Indian market around two months ago.

Even though there are several 5G-capable devices in India, OEMs like Apple have to release a software update to enable the feature. In the past several weeks, numerous manufacturers of Android smartphones, including OnePlus, Samsung, and Motorola, have released server-side or OTA upgrades that enable the connection option on their products.

Here is how can users activate 5G on their phone in India

Open the Settings application on your iPhone, then select General, followed by Software Update. 

There is a download link for iOS 16.2 available. Please download the update after agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

Reminder: A software update should never be installed without first performing a complete data backup.

The notification area of your iPhone may display a new 5G status icon after the update has been deployed and the device restarts (if Wi-Fi is not currently active).

If not, go to Cellular > Cellular Data Options in the settings app and choose that option. You may select which of your two active SIMs you want to utilize for 5G if you have two.

If you want your iPhone to automatically alter your connection speed to assist conserve battery life, you may leave the default Auto option enabled. 

Since the older standard uses less power, your smartphone will switch to 4G LTE when you aren't using high-speed internet in this mode. 

Using 5G instead Your smartphone will always use 5G when coverage is available if you turn on the Cellular Data Options feature. Alternately, using LTE will neglect 5G and may be advantageous to extend battery life.