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Is India’s living legend Virat Kohli planning to move abroad with his wife Anushka Sharma and kids Vaamika and Akaay? Well, at least fans are guessing so after connecting the dots with Kohli’s retirement plans.

During a recent interview, Kohli shared his retirement plans and said, “Once I am done, I will be gone, you won’t see me for a while.” His interview has led to speculations that Virat Kohli and his wife-actress Anushka might be planning to shift abroad.

However, there has been no official confirmation in this regard. These are just fan speculations after Kohli shared about his retirement plans.

Speaking at RCB’s Gala Dinner, Kohli further added, “I think as a sportsman, we do have an end-date to our careers. So I am just working backwards. I don’t want to finish my career thinking ‘oh, what if I have done this on that particular day’ because I can’t keep going on and on forever. So, it’s just about not leaving any undone business behind and not have any regrets later, which I am sure I won’t.”

He further added that he would take a long break and spend quality time with his family after his retirement before deciding on his next chapter. The speculations have left his admirers disheartened.

They expressed their sentiments in the comments section. “This makes me nervous, really 🥺,” commented a fan.

Another fan shared, “Every Kohli Fans Feel same brother 😢💔” while a third user shared, “Please don’t take break till you are 40 years old.”

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