Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Indian javelin star and Olympic gold sensation Neeraj Chopra has joined the fight for Wakanda as he personifies the essence of being a warrior and fighting for one’s country.

The track and field athlete’s journey from a humble beginnings to achieving the coveted gold medal in the Olympic and becoming the reigning champion has truly inspired one and all.

Marvel Studios has released a new promotional video featuring the top athlete of the country on their social media handles on Friday. In the clip, Neeraj can be seen wearing a dark athletic attire and throwing javelin as the visuals from the upcoming superhero movie ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ slowly take over the frame.

Expressing about his association with the upcoming movie, Neeraj said he is glad to be a part of the journey.

“Black Panther is about a fierce warrior, a hero who is willing to give everything to fight for his people and his country. As an athlete, representing India is my biggest opportunity and I give mybest shot and fight till the end,” he said.

“I’m truly overjoyed that I can be a part of this great journey and just like ‘Black Panther’, I hope to inspire people around the globe to never give up on their dreams. Being a huge Marvel fan, I just can’t wait to watch the movie and discover the new journey of Wakanda,” he added.