Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Former India captain and current head coach Rahul Dravid was at the receiving end of Donald during an ODI match between India and the Proteas in Durban way back in 1997. 

Donald, who is currently the bowling coach of Bangladesh, issued a public apology to Dravid and also invited him for dinner after 25-long years.

Both Donald and Dravid are currently in Chattogram as part of the coaching staff of Bangladesh and India respectively as both the countries are playing in a Test series. During an interview, Donald said he had overstepped the line while sledging Dravid during that ODI in Durban.

“There was one ugly incident in Durban that I don’t wanna talk about. Rahul and Sachin were smacking us to all parts. I overstepped the mark a little bit. I’ve just nothing but massive respect for Rahul. I would like to go out and sit with Rahul and say sorry to him again about what happened that day,” Donald said.

“I just had to do something silly that brought his wicket actually. But I still apologise for what I said that day. What a guy, what a great bloke. So Rahul, if you are listening. I would love to have a night out with you,” the former pacer added.

The former South Africa cricketer Allan Donald was one of the most fierce and feared fast bowlers during his playing days.