Delhi Police have arrested two youths in connection with a case of stalking and harassment registered by the wife of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) skipper Nitish Rana, the police said on Saturday.

The incident reportedly occurred on May 4 and the accused have been identified as Chaitnaya Shivam (18) and Vivek (18), both residents of Patel Nagar.

Ghanshyam Bansal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), said that on Friday, a complaint was received at Kirti Nagar police station via e-mail in which the complainant alleged that at around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, she was returning home from Chattarpur to Model Town in her car with her driver.

"As they were waiting at a red light in Kirti Nagar, two youths on a bike crossed her car at a high speed and stopped their bike right in front of her vehicle. They started staring at her and even banged her car with their hands," said the DCP.

"During investigation, the CCTV footages of the said area were scanned and the accused were traced and arrested from their residence in Patel Nagar," said the DCP.

After the incident, Rana's wife Saachi Marwah had expressed her dismay at the lack of assistance from Delhi Police.

According to Saachi, the perpetrators began stalking her car on a two-wheeler while she was returning home from work. To her astonishment, they proceeded to purposefully collide with her vehicle for no apparent reason.

In her attempt to report the incident to the Delhi Police, Saachi claimed that she did not receive the support that she had expected. Despite being on the phone with the police and seeking to file a complaint, she was allegedly advised to let the matter go since she had already reached home safely.

The police officers even instructed her to take note of the vehicle number in case a similar incident occurs in the future.

Expressing her frustration and anger, Saachi posted on Instagram: "Just a casual day in Delhi, on my way back home from work! These guys randomly started hitting my car! Just no reason, stalked and chased, and the police told me on the phone when I complained, 'so now that you've reached home safe, let it go! Next time, number note kar lena' (note the number next time), aye aye captain, next time, I'll take their phone numbers also!"