Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Veteran batsman Shikhar Dhawan has made a few stunning revelations ahead of IPL 2023. The stylish southpaw also revealed about his separation from wife Aesha Mukherjee and possible remarriage.

The veteran cricketer denied pointing fingers at anybody for his failure in marriage. He admitted that the marriage failed because he was not aware of that field.

“I failed because the final decision is the person’s own. I don’t like to point fingers at anybody. My marriage failed because I was not aware of that field. The things I talk about cricket today, I wouldn’t have been aware of the same 20 years back. It comes with experience,” said the aggressive batter during an interview.

Dhawan further said that the process of the divorce is still on. The southpaw did not rule out the possibility of marrying again.

“Right now my divorce case is going on. If I want to marry again in future, I will be wiser in that field. I’ll know what kind of girl I need. I need someone with whom I can spend my life with. When I was 26-27 and I was continuously playing cricket, I was not in any relationship. I used to have fun, but was never in a relationship,” said the left-handed batsman.

“So, when I fell in love, I couldn’t see the red flags. If I fall in love today, I will be able to see those red flags. And if I see those red flags, I will just walk out. If not, I will carry on,” he added.

Notably, Dhawan was a successful opener for Team India. With right-handed batsman Rohit Sharma, he made a formidable opening pair for the Men in Blue for a long time.