Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Unfortunately, rains have been reigning in the ongoing T20 World Cup in Australia. It has been a deciding factor in the mega event with several matches interrupted by inclement weather conditions. Some of the matches have even washed out. With the tournament now reaching the all-important top-four stage, all the matches have to yield certain results to proceed to the next stage. Hence, ICC has formulated certain rules and regulations to ensure that games are completed despite rain disruptions. 

In the semifinals, India play England in Adelaide while New Zealand will lock horns with Pakistan in Sydney.

Weather forecast

Favourable weather conditions are forecast at the Adelaide Oval where India will take on England in the second semifinal on Thursday. As per latest updates, Adelaide will experience a partly cloudy sky with sun out on match day with chances of 24% rain and decreasing to just 8% by night. Chances of rain interrupting play on Thursday cannot be completely ignored.

If game is interrupted

If the first innings is delayed due to rain interruption, the number of overs will be reduced to 14.11 per hours. As per ICC rule, the overs will be calculated based on the total remaining time of play available for the match. After the revision of overs, it will be ensured that both teams bat the same number of overs whenever possible. In any case, the side batting second will not have more overs than the side that batted first.

Minimum overs

The minimum over requirement for all T20 World Cup 2022 matches is five overs for the second innings. However, it will be a minimum of 10 overs for the two semifinals and the summit clash.

If rain leaves less time

As per latest ICC rules, the first innings will be terminated if the time left for play is less than the overs the side batting first has already faced multiplied by 4.25. Meanwhile, the original time can be extended to allow an extra over for each side if required.

If 2nd innings is affected

If rain forces delay in the second innings to complete the allocated 20 overs or after revision due to delay, the overs to be played will be calculated per hour rate. To achieve the result, the side batting second needs to face a minimum of ten overs.

Extra time

ICC rules make it clear that 30 minutes of extra time will be allocated for the semifinals and final on the scheduled match day and a reserve day to achieve a result. If required, the start time for the semifinal clash will be changed. 

If it rains on reserve days

ICC has kept a reserve day for all the knock-out matches like semifinals and final if rain causes interruption. The match will begin from the same position on the reserve day.

However, if the reserve days for the semifinal matches get washed out, the team in top place in points table will be declared the winner and qualify for the final. Similarly, if the reserve day for the final too gets washed out, both teams will be declared joint winners.