Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Cricket fans are in a blue moon with the announcement of MS Dhoni Joining Team India as a mentor for the forthcoming T20 World Cup to be played in UAE from October 17-November 14. However, with the presence of heavyweight chief coach Ravi Shastri, the situation is like two swords in a sheath.

Though Dhoni as a skipper has made Team India champion in 2007 T20 World Cup, some observers are of the view that the situation at UAE could be an ordeal for the former ‘Captain Cool’.

Both the legends have different personalities altogether. Shastri shares a good bonding with the present captain Virat Kohli. The trio will be the think tank of the Indian team in the high-voltage tournament. However, some experts feel that there might be clash between Dhoni and Shatri over difference of opinion.  Now the question is whose point of view will be accepted by the team members in the event of a confronting situation?

“If Dhoni and Shastri will clash over team selection and other strategy issues, it will create confusion among the team members and affect their on-field performance,” said an observer.

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has also cautioned that there should not be clashes between Dhoni and Shastri with regards to tactics and team selection.

“If the partnership between Dhoni and Shastri goes well, India will benefit a great deal from it. But I am just praying there is no clash between both the greats,” the legendary cricketer said.

“But if there are disagreements over tactics and team selection, then there might be a bit of an effect on the team,” he added.

However, contrary to Gavaskar’s apprehensions, the 59-year-old former all-rounder welcomed the BCCI’s move with open arms.

“The team couldn’t have asked for anything better. The BCCI has thought this out extremely well and put the plans in place. Having MS Dhoni in the dressing-room will be a huge shot in the arm for the boys,” said Shastri.

The mantra of success for any international team is to keep the strategy simple and execute it properly in the field. This simple method was also the game plan for Team India during their maiden T20 World Cup victory.

With the presence of stalwarts like Dhoni and Shastri in Team India’s think tank could give rise to over analysing and over thinking which could create confusion in the minds of players.

At the end of the day, fans would just expect maturity to prevail and let cricket be above any individual ego for the larger goal of team’s success.