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The controversial divorce rumours of India all-rounder Hardik Pandya and his wife and actress Natasa Stankovic has once again sparked a debate on long-lasting marriages, modern-day wedding, and divorce settlements.

The couple who was married for four years has reportedly decided to part their ways even as they are parents to a lovely boy Agastya Pandya. On the other hands, there have been reports of Natasa walking away with 70% of Pandya’s property as divorce settlement.

Amidst the divorce and settlement rumours, fans are reminded of world’s best divorce of all time in the history.


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Back in 1994, Gabriel met Christina at a party and they really hit it off. They ended up getting married even though she was 30 years younger than him. They were happily married for 20 years.

However, Christina eventually decided that she wanted to get a divorce. But when she went to her lawyer, she was shocked to hear she was already divorced from Gabriel 20 years ago.

And this is because 4 months after their marriage, the couple went to Dominican Republic for a vacation and Gabriel divorced her there because that's the only country where one party can file for a divorce without informing the other party.

He said he did this because he knew one day Christina would divorce him and try to take his money.

While a section of people are in favour of alimony settlement, many others stood by Gabriel.

“Boss move. Kept her a side fun piece for 20 years while she was plotting her exit. Diabolical,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “He knew she wasn’t going to hang around long, but she did. Probably thinking he was gonna pass and she’ll get everything.”

“That’s crazy! So after 20 years she doesn’t deserve compensation?,” commented a third user.

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