Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The upcoming Asia Cup will be played in Pakistan and Sri Lanka and less than two weeks are left for the start of the tournament. A bizarre incident has been reported before the mega event.

Bangladesh opener Mohammad Naim Sheikh has recently indulged in extreme training process to prepare for the continental event. The video of the incident has taken internet by storm.

In the video, Naim is found walking in a layer of burning charcoal laid on grass. The process is claimed as part of a ‘mind-training’ drill ahead of Asia Cup. He is being assisted by another person who is also present in the frame.

The crazy approach for preparation has generated mixed reactions from cricket enthusiasts worldwide. While some applaud his dedication, others express concerns about potential injuries before such a crucial event.

Reacting to the video, a fan wrote, “It will in so many ways like it will test your patience, your brain that how your brain will react in the situation like this, your calmness etc....it’s good for mental health as well as physical.”

“Instead of risking injuring himself with this silly act he should show more professionalism and focus on scoring runs at a better pace. Cricket is a simple game, see ball hit ball and make sure you have more game awareness by looking at the game not this nonsense,” tweeted another fan.

“Seems both the mind trainer and Naim Mind is in their Feet, Need to Train the Feet in order to get their Minds Working. Absolute Madness,” a third user commented.