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It seems we are closer to Jules Verne’s idea of an ocean inside the Earth. Yes, you heard that right. While you know that 70% of the entire earth's surface is overlaid with water, most of which present in the five oceans. Well an international study has now found water deep inside the interiors of the blue planet.

A team of scientists at the Frankfurt-based Institute for Geosciences at Goethe University in Germany analyzed a rare diamond formed 660 km below the Earth’s surface using Raman spectroscopy and FTIR spectrometry and stumbled upon some incredible results.

The study showed that the transition zone between the Earth’s upper and lower mantle contains “considerable quantities of water" thereby confirming the long-time theory that planet's water cycle includes the Earth's interior.

Prof. Frank Brenker from the Institute for Geosciences says, "In this study, we have demonstrated that the transition zone is not a dry sponge, but holds considerable quantities of water. This brings us one step closer to Jules Verne's idea of an ocean inside the Earth. The difference is that there is no ocean down there, but hydrous rock which, would neither feel wet nor drip water."

The analyses revealed that the stone contains numerous ringwoodite inclusions -- which exhibit a high water content. Furthermore, the research group was able to determine the chemical composition of the stone. It was almost exactly the same as that of virtually every fragment of mantle rock found in basalts anywhere in the world.