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Ramakanta Biswas

Is senior BJD leader and former Lok Sabha MP Prasanna Pattsani not happy with the party? Speculations about the veteran politician’s displeasure over the affairs in the ruling party are doing rounds as he has not been nominated to the Upper House by the regional party despite assurances.

However, Pattsani said he has no regret for not being elected by the party and added that he would not lobby for the Rajya Sabha nomination.

"I was assured for Rajya Sabha so at least I should have been sent. But I have no qualms for it since Rajya Sabha elections are again coming. If the party wants, it can nominate me in the next Rajya Sabha election. Why should I lobby for that," he asked.

"Lord Jagannath knows, I am not in any race. I am not greedy for any post. If God wants, he would bless me with any post and I will accept that. However, I will not lobby for that," the senior leader added.  

On any inclination towards BJP and if Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent him to the Parliament's Upper House, Pattsani said, "Why would he want such a thing and even if he did, I would be naive not to accept such a proposal."

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