Suryakant Jena

Life is full of uncertainties. The rich can become a pauper in no time. It is also extraordinary how destiny turns one from rags to riches in a short time.

Sample this. A few weeks ago, Srikant Panda never thought he would survive, but thanks to the unwavering support and love from his co-villagers, he is breathing a new life.

A resident of Bentapada Gram Panchayat in Athagarh Block of Cuttack district, Srikant recently suffered a lethal cerebral stroke and battled for life on the hospital bed.

With an ailing father and sister back in the family, Srikant however found much affection and support from his fellow villagers that helped him defy death and bounce back.

After recuperating from the health turmoil, Srikant felt so much obliged for the help from his well wishers in the crucial hours that he decided to dedicate his life for the welfare of the people in his locality. Recently Srikant filed nomination for Sarpanch post in his Gram Panchayat.

"I will never be able to repay the debt of the love and affection I received from my fellow villagers. I will stand with them as their representative and work for their welfare in every way possible," said an emotional Srikant who is on the campaign trail in his Panchayat these days.