Pradeep Pattanayak

The political climate in the State went up several notches on Monday with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress party launching a broadside against the State government over its decision to set up the Directorate of Odisha Parivar.  

Taking a swipe at the BJD-led dispensation, BJP legislator Subash Panigrahi said it is their usual ‘natakbazi(theatrics)’.  

“Mo-Parivar was their (BJD’s) party matter. Now, it has been made Mo-Parivar Directorate after being approved in the cabinet meeting. They have done this with the motive to spend money. To sum it up, they would do such ‘natakbazi’ when an election is round the corner,” said Panigrahi. 

Senior BJP leader and MP Jual Oram also took a dig at the Chief Minister over the setting up of Odisha Parivar. Without mentioning his name, he wryly asked, “Who else but he who can’t speak Odia will play the ‘Odia Asmita’ card?” “It doesn’t seem to me that the decisions are being taken after careful deliberation. They are running the government on a whim,” said the Parliamentarian.

Similarly, Congress MLA Adhiraj Panigrahi launched a scathing attack on the government, saying it has been done to hoodwink the Odisha people.

“There is nothing new in it. They have converted their party matter into a government one. But the government is least concerned about the migrant labourers. The government is taking no steps for the betterment of these labourers. The government has done this with keeping the coming general election in view. It is a trick to mislead the Odisha people,” said Panigrahi. 

On the other hand, taking the side of his government, Culture Minister Ashwini Patra said the aim behind the establishing a Directorate of Odisha Parivar is to unite the Odia Diasporas. 

“There will be a special office to deal with the problems of Odia expats. There is a pressing need for such an office. By doing so, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has given us an opportunity to unite the Odias staying across the globe. Odisha-Mo Parivar and Directorate of Odisha Parivar are completely different,” Patra added.

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