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Mrunal Manmay Dash

Here is the powerful story of Gobinda Sahu - the killer of lady teacher Mamita Meher. Coming from a modest background, he in a few years time became an education czar of the locality.

The powerful growth story looks impressive but impossible without the umbrella support by the ministers in the BJD government, especially of the MoS (Home) Dibya Shanka Mishra.

As the murder mystery of Mamita unravelled, the pandora's box of the Sunshine school was out in the public domain. The proximity of Minister Mishra with the Prime accused hogged the limelight.

Though the school has been graced by visits of half a dozen BJD ministers like Pratap Jena, Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi etc, the full glare was on the cosy relationship between Sahu and Minister Mishra. Both have lavished praises and eulogises each other in full public glare.

With the skeletons tumbling out in Gobinda's cupboard, the ministers are now running for cover and busy in distancing themselves from Sahu.

Speaking to the media, Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi said, “Political leaders get a lot of calls to visit private organisations to inaugurate or address the event. That does not mean they are involved in illegal activities.”

Pratap Jena's Honey Tongue

While once addressing the students of Mahaling High School, Pratap Jena went on to compare the Sunshine school with the historic Ravenshaw College in Cuttack. Besides, he did not hesitate to portray Gobinda Sahu as the flag bearer of Mahaling’s educational destiny.

As per reports, Gobinda’s main job was to satisfy the needs of the VVIPs visiting the school, and build an unparalleled power structure in the district. With the eternal political blessings over Gobinda, legal hiccups stayed at bay, when it is alleged that he was involved in a sex racket.

In the awe of political high handedness, neither students nor their parents ever had tried to raise any voice over the alleged sex trade run inside the premises. Many thought all is hunky and dory.

However, post the revelations of murky details of the school management and the murder of a teacher, the parents of students have started flocking the school to take out the transfer certificate of their wards and get them admitted in some other school to get rid of the gloomy state of affairs.

Lingaraj Chattria, parent of a student said, “We have already heard rumours about this college's bad reputation, but after this murder, we do not want to continue with this anymore. I have come to transfer my ward to another school from here.”

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