Pradeep Pattanayak

As it seems health minister Naba Das murder mystery is going to be a tough nut for the Crime Branch to crack, the demand for CBI enquiry is gaining voice once again. This time the demand has been raised, not by the Opposition, but by followers and well-wishers of the departed leader. 

With the Crime Branch reportedly not being able to solve the mystery as to why now-dismissed ASI Gopal Das killed health minister Naba Das, the leader's supporters and well-wishers demanded CBI enquiry. Such demands have triggered speculations that they might have lost their faith in the investigation of the State government and realized that Gopal Das is just a pawn and someone else is behind the scene.
“Since the Crime Branch has not been able to solve the case, people are demanding that the case to be handed over to the CBI so that they can know why a cop shot a minister,” said vice chairman of Brajarajnagar Municipality, Gopal Sitani.  

“On the crime recreation day, Gopal Das was found quite normal and a smile was there on his face. This indicates that the police are yet to use force to get things out of him,” alleged Jayant Dixit, a Naba Das’ follower. 

“Even though 12 days have passed since he (Naba Das) was murdered, the suspense is still there. The murderer has been arrested but not the person behind him. In coming days we will resort to protests,” said Lakhanpur block vice chairman and BJD leader Rohit Pradhan. 

Meanwhile, the political climate is heating up in the State after Naba Das’ daughter Deepali Das while addressing the gathering at her father's condolence meeting, repeated what her father had said at a meeting just before the unfortunate incident. While addressing the gathering at a meeting at Sarbahal, Naba Das had said 'there are Rams as well as Ravans, and there are Krishnas as well as Kansas. In spite of this, Krishna will win and life will continue. '

“He who aspires to sit on CM’s chair after Naveen Patnaik is the mastermind behind the murder. It seems Deepali has identified him which is why she raised the Kansa and Ravan issue at the Shradhanjali Sabha (condolence meeting),” said BJP leader Pradeep Purohit. 

In this regard, senior Congress leader Suresh Routray said, “What his daughter said is true. Someone in the guise of Kansa killed her father.  It is a conspiracy and nothing will happen to the conspirator.”

When asked, ruling BJD leader Prafulla Samal said, “While at meetings, we say many things. But they are irrelevant. And those who are interpreting what he (Naba Das) had said are not perfect in doing so.”


(Reported by Sanjay Das, Bhagirathi Sahu and Soumya Ranjan Sahu, OTV)