Pradeep Pattanayak

The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) president, Irashish Acharya, and 21 others, who were arrested in connection with the scuffle with police while protesting against Naba Das murder at Lower PMG in Bhubaneswar, were released from Jharpada jail in Bhubaneswar on Saturday. 

All of them were given a rousing welcome by the party. They were taken in a rally from the Jharpada jail to the state party office, near Ram Mandir. 

While speaking to journalists, Acharya said, “The youths of Odisha are not the ‘kritadasas’. From today, the struggle has started. In the coming days, we will cover the entire state and create awareness among the youth that this government should be changed. BYJM and the youths of Odisha don’t care a hoot about the government’s imprisonment. This struggle is going to be the voice of youths in the coming days.”

Notably, on February 28, the BJYM workers including Acharya were staging a demonstration at Lower PMG protesting against the tardy and lackluster probe into Naba Das murder case. It was when they were marching toward the Odisha Legislative Assembly that they had a scuffle with the police. As per sources, as many as 21 policemen were injured in the scuffle. 

In this connection, the police arrested 22 BJYM workers including Acharya. 

On April 20, the Orissa High Court granted bail to Acharya and 21 others. They spent over 50 days in jail.

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