Legendary singer and the Bharat Ratna awardee Lata Mangeshkar also known as the Nightingale of India, has been regaling hearts with her melodious voice for the past 80 years. She is one of the most respected and best known play-back singers in the country.  Her glorious career recently completed eighty years of divine, blissful and celebrated music.

Authors Rachana Rhythm, her closest niece and family friend took to their social media handle shared a few personal photographs from their private collection and wrote:

“Dear friends, sharing a memorable moment of history that resonates within all of us today and will continue to do so.

In 1941, on 16th December, exactly 80 years ago, our country’s voice, ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ recorded for the very first time. It was for All India Radio. 

Since then, this divine voice resonates with our country’s cultural ethos.

She has been a part of our day to day lives; enriching it, fulfilling it and calming it.

In our happy moments, our weak moments, our solitary days and our celebratory moments, Lata Didi’s voice has been an integral part. We feel and we are sure, you all will agree; she defines our existence!!

Our country’s pride, our country’s cultural foundation rests upon her.

Such legends come rare!

They are made, once in a million years and are we not grateful that we live in the same era that she belongs to?

Let’s celebrate Our Didi each moment; she deserves the best as she has given us her best.

We humbly bow down to this divine force and thank her for being a part of our lives.

In gratitude always..

Rachana Rhythm’

Isn’t that a heartwarming note? The legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar shares a close bond with the duo.