Cassian Baliarsingh

Tired of left swipes/rejections on the popular dating app Bumble, a man decided to change his height to 6.2” (approximately 190cm). What happened next was beyond his imagination. There was a significant surge in his Bumble matches which he had never experienced.

The man identified as Aman took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share his interesting findings in a post that’s gaining traction on the micro-blogging platform.

A software developer by profession, Aman claimed that he changed nothing in his profile except his height. Interestingly, he got nine matches in just one day. Now, he is confused as to who he should go on a date with among the nine matches.

Sharing his bizarre story on X, he wrote, “Changed my height to 190cm on Bumble as a joke; got 9 matches in a day. Nothing else in my profile was changed.”

He further added, “I’ve now changed it back but I’ve realised, you’re not ugly, you’re not poor, you’re not unfunny, you’re just short.”

His social media post has garnered mixed reactions from other social media users who took to the comment section to post their opinions.

“Is height shaming part of body shaming? Looks like men too are judged by their body, but since they are men nobody cares,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “This may be true for dating apps because there’s not much else to go on other than physical characteristics and career. But in my 5.5” friend easily attracts more girls than me 5.10”

“Changed my bio, wrote the founder/CEO of Fincap Labs; bumble got flooded with matches,” hilariously wrote another user.
Another user wrote, “Wait I don’t think it works lol, or maybe I am just too ugly. I am around 186cms and never experienced this.”