Cassian Baliarsingh

A zoo in Toronto, Canada has come up with an odd campaign to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. The campaign is mostly for cheaters or people you hate.

As per the campaign, you can name a cockroach after your cheating ex or the person you hate. This bizarre campaign named ‘Name-a-roach’ has been launched at Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy.

In this era of short-term fake relationships, many youngsters and adults are expected to turn up and participate in the campaign. However, there is a twist.

You have to pay a non-refundable minimum donation of $25 to name a cockroach after a person you hate who can be your Ex, Boss or anyone else who has been bugging you.

Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy took to its Twitter handle to share details about the campaign. Sharing a video of a cockroach, they wrote, “Roses are red; violets are blue… is there someone in your life that’s bugging you? Give them goosebumps by naming a cockroach in their honour this Valentine’s Day.”

By naming a cockroach, the visitors will get a digital certificate personalized with their name and roach name, a shareable digital graphic and a full charitable tax receipt for donors.

However, the names and language deemed inappropriate by the Zoo will not be featured on the digital certificates. Moreover, profanity and hate speech will not be tolerated.

The Zoo also shared a disclaimer and wrote, “The Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy respect all creatures- big and small. Cockroaches play a very integral ecological role in their rainforest homes by helping to decompose forest litter and animal faecal matter and are, in turn, food for many other animals. Despite their hair-raising reputation, cockroaches undeniably play a vital role in the sustainability of plant and animal habitats.”