Cassian Baliarsingh

A company in Germany is reportedly hiring ‘weed smokers’ and their monthly salary will blow your mind. The company is reportedly offering a whopping 88.000 euros (around Rs 88 lakh) for the position of ‘cannabis sommelier’.

The advertisement for the job reads, ‘looking for a cannabis expert to evaluate the caliber of its goods.” The worker has to smell, feel and smoke the product and decided its quality. The advertisement for the job has now been going viral with hilarious reactions from social media users. People are hilariously thinking to quit their jobs and join the company as ‘weed smokers’, thanks to the salary offered by the company.

According to reports, the company received an overwhelming number of applications for the odd job. However, the eligibility criterion for the job is that the candidate has to be a cannabis expert and possess a valid German marijuana smoking permit. 

The Cologne-based company sources its products mainly from Australia, Canada, Portugal, Macedonia and Denmark.

Last year, German Health Minister had suggested legalising and decriminalising marijuana in the country. The minister had requested the German government to decriminalise the possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana and allow adults to sell the drug.

However, marijuana is a banned product in almost all countries except Malta.
Germany would join Malta as the second European nation to legalise marijuana.