Cassian Baliarsingh

It is the dream of most Indians to earn in lakhs or crores. But, this pet dog is earning a whopping Rs 8 crore every year. Yes, you read that right!

The pet, an Instagram star, earns around Rs 8 crore a year. The Golden Retriever dog named Tucker Budzyn makes more than $1 million (approximately Rs 8 crore and Rs 28 lakh) per year.

The amount of money earned by social media influencers is one of the most frequently debated topics. Many social media influencers have been earning in crores like Bollywood celebrities. No wonder, why people nowadays are choosing the vocation of ‘influencer’, thanks to the lucrative pay.

According to reports, the pet dog has been earning in seven figures from sponsored advertisements since it was two years old. The owners of the dog Budzyn and her husband Mike have been making videos of the pet dog and uploading them on Instagram.

Most of the videos go viral, thus earning in crores.

Initially, Mike was a civil engineer while his wife used to clean houses in Michigan of United States. One fine day, the couple decided to adopt Tucker and made an Instagram page for it. Out of love for the golden retriever, Budzyn would often click pictures and make videos of the dog.

Later, she uploaded one of the videos on Instagram that went crazy viral.  Since then, his followers have been increasing on the photo-sharing app.

Later, both Mike and Budzyn quit their jobs to manage Tucker full-time and are now earning in lakhs.

“I was floored that many people were interested in my dog. I had first uploaded its video when I got him at 8 weeks old.

The first video went crazy viral. By the time, he was 6 months old, he already had 60,000 followers,” said Budzyn.

Now, the Golden Retriever has close to 25 million followers across social media.