Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a man was conned out of Rs 55 lakh after the expensive car he had purchased to gift his wife on her birthday turned out to be a stolen vehicle.

According to reports, Jason Scott, an Army veteran bought a second-hand 2021 Maserati SUV through a website to surprise his wife on her birthday. The matter came to the fore after he brought the stylish car for a routine maintenance check.

Reality hit him like a tonne of bricks after he took the car to a nearby Maserati dealership. The mechanics checked the vehicle’s identification number and discovered the vehicle was actually a 2017 Maserati and not a 2021 Maserati. Moreover, the mechanics discovered certain parts of the vehicle didn’t add up to where the car was supposed to be from. 

Doubts began to arise and the mechanics checked the VIN number on the chassis only to realize the car was a stolen one. Soon, police were alerted who then impounded the car and seized it.

Although the Army veteran has sued the website for $1 million in damages for losses to his finances and reputation, they maintained that they had any knowledge of the theft. With no other option, the website is currently working to refund the cash he had used to buy the car.