• Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Know why medicine strips have a red line 

Most of us are ignorant about the meaning of this red line.   

Pradeep Pattanayak
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Know why medicine strips have a red line PhotoPhoto:

Red line on medicine strips

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All of us must have noticed a red line on medicine strips. Have you ever thought why such a red line is there on some specific medicine packets and strips? What does this red line indicate? 

Let's understand the reason and meaning behind this. 

It has often been seen that people go straight to medicine stores to buy medicine for their sickness, without even thinking to consult a physician. The medicines thus procured may cure the sickness but they may have serious side effects. 

There are some medicines which can be sold over the counter, without any doctor's prescription and some others never to be sold over the counter.  While the doctors and the chemists at the medicine stores are well aware of which medicines can be sold over the counter and which can't, common people can't differentiate between them. 

In fact, a red line on the medicine strips and boxes differentiates the medicine never to be sold without a prescription from the other type. 

Most of us are ignorant about the meaning of this red line.   

The medicines having a red line on their strips are categorized as Schedule H medicines. This red line is to make people aware that taking these specific medicines without a doctor's prescription is dangerous. 

So, as you are careful about the expiry date of your medicines, you have also to find it out whether your medicine strip has a red line or not, if bought over the counter.

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