Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, man from Singapore has reportedly sued a woman he had a crush on for allegedly friend-zoning him. He has reportedly sought $3 million (Rs 24 crore) damage from the woman for not reciprocating his feelings.

He said he was under ‘emotional trauma’ after he found out that his crush saw him only as a friend. The incident is reported from Singapore. The man has been identified as K Kawshigan while the woman on whom he had crush was identified as Nora Tan.

According to Strait Times, the two first met in 2016 and have been friends since the last seven years. However, Kawshigan developed feelings for Nora over time while she saw him only as a friend. The real problem started when he confessed his feelings for her.

However, she regarded him as her closest friend. Then started the real problem when Kawshigan decided to sue her for all the emotional trauma that he suffered while being ‘friends’ with her.

However, Nora convinced him to attend a counseling session. However, years passed by, but Nora did not feel anything for Kawshigan and refused to be in a relationship with him. She finally decided to cut off all contacts with him after he continued to convince her to be in a relationship.

This upset Kawshigan who filed two lawsuits against her – a $3 million High Court claim for causing ‘damage to his stellar reputation’ and ‘trauma, depression and impacts’ to his life, as well as a $22,000 magistrate’s court claim for breaching an agreement to improve their relationship.

The pre-trial hearing in the case will be held on Feb 9, Strait Times report said.