Cassian Baliarsingh

Several colleges in China have come up with a unique plan to increase the fallen birth rate as the population concerns have already reached a high point in the country. Now, several colleges are giving a week off to students to fall in love.

The time off is specifically to focus on romance. Students are encouraged to love nature, love life and enjoy love, according to NBC News. Moreover, students are advised to write diaries, make travel videos and keep track of personal development for homework. 

One of the colleges identified as Mianyang Flying Vocational College has reportedly announced the spring break from April 1 to 7 to focus on romance and love life. The main focus is to find ways to boost the birth rate which has fallen drastically in the most populated country.

“I hope that students can go to see the green water and green mountains and feel the breath of spring. This will not only broaden students’ horizon and cultivate their sentiments but also enrich and deepen the teaching content in the classroom,” said Liang Guohui, deputy dean of Mianyang Flying Vocational College, according to a report in NBC News.

Apart from colleges and educational institutions, China government has also come up with several recommendations to boost birth rate.
China’s birth rate dropped drastically after the government imposed a one-child policy.

Even as the government has raised the limit to three now, couples are now reluctant to have babies due to various reasons including childcare and education costs, low incomes, and gender inequalities among others.


(With reports from Reuters)