Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru has recently been in the news for the unusual demands of landlords while renting a house. Hunting for a rented house in the Silicon Valley of India is next to impossible.

There have been several instances of house owners asking for LinkedIn profiles, a small write-up, and college certificates. Moreover, the unimaginable advance rent money adds to the woes of the tenants looking for a decent house to rent in the IT Hub of India.

Now, a youth’s post about finding a fully furnished home in Bengaluru has sparked a debate online with people comparing it to a prison. Sharing a picture, Twitter user Manthan Gupta wrote, “Finally found a fully furnished home in Bengaluru. Gated society and 24*7 security.”

Well, it was actually a sarcastic take on the houses in Bengaluru. The picture originally is of a jail in South Africa. Since being shared online, the tweet has amassed over 214.8k views with 1799 likes and 58 retweets.

“I think prison can be a transformative experience. It can help make people more centered, help them get back in shape and maybe develop some very positive habits. Honestly, someone should create a way for people to voluntarily rent a jail cell,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “Whoever stays there is lucky to have sunlight in the room.”

Another user shared a picture of a cabin he is staying and wrote, “You guys are getting flats? Look what I found in BTM layout. Welcome to my room, sorry ‘cabin’.”

“Amazing. Mumbaikars can only dream of living in such a big space,” commented another user.

“Really compact with all the amenities! Better than an average Mumbai’s studio apartment. That’s how you save brokerage and deposit,” wrote another user.

“Now I feel jail is better. If zomato and laptop with wifi is allowed might just stay there and save rent,” commented another user.