An incident of a software professional waiting for a rapido bike being hit by an auto has been reported from Bengaluru. The auto driver got enraged when the victim refused to pay him exorbitant fare and decided to book a Rapido bike.

According to police, the incident took place at 3.30 a.m. on Thursday in HSR Layout Sector One area. The act was caught on CCTV camera. The footage shows the victim speaking to the auto driver for sometime and walking away from his vehicle. Later, the auto driver suddenly crashes his vehicle on him.

The techie fell on the road and by the time he got up, the auto driver had fled. Based on the CCTV camera footage, the police have launched a hunt for the auto driver. The identity of the techie is yet to be known.

Police explained that the tussle between auto drivers and Rapido bike riders is an old one. Auto drivers have been protesting and demanding a ban on Rapido bikes. There have been many incidents of attacks on Rapido bike riders.

The incident of a Rapido bike driver being chased and later attacked by an auto diver was reported in March near Indiranagar Metro Station. The incident raised concern. Auto drivers are claiming that Rapido bike service is taking away their business and livelihood.