Cassian Baliarsingh

Although there is still some controversy about using a surrogate mother to have a baby, many people, especially the ultra-rich and celebrities prefer it for the delivery of their baby in India. 

Even people in foreign countries are opting for surrogacy. In a recent incident, a 56-year-old woman turned surrogated for her son. In the state of Utah, in the United States of America, the woman delivered a baby for her son and daughter-in-law.

According to sources, Jeff Hauck’s wife Cambria had to undergo hysterectomy, a surgical procedure to remove all or part of the uterus, due to some health complications. 

To their rescue came Jeff's 56-year-old mother Nancy Hauck. She served as their surrogate and gave birth to the couple's fifth child - a daughter. The family is in cloud nine after the safe delivery of the baby girl. 

"How many people get to watch their mom give birth?,” told Jeff Hauck, who is a web developer. He called the whole experience "a beautiful moment." 

On the other hand, Nancy said she in labour for nine hours and called it "a remarkable and spiritual experience" to share as a family. “It is a mix of deep gratitude and some sadness from the separation,” she added.

The family has decided to name the girl ‘Hannah’ as a tribute to her grandmother. 

Explaining the meaning of the name, Cambira said, "The name Nancy comes from Hannah. They both mean grace."

“It is unusual for a mother to carry her grandchild. age is really not the limiting factor,” said Dr Russell Foulk.