Pradeep Pattanayak

West Bengal YouTuber Animesh Chakrabarthy, who shot a video of Puri Srimandir from close proximity using a drone and made it viral, apologized on Sunday. 

Uploading a video on social media platforms, he said he had lied that he had taken permission from the police. He sought forgiveness from Lord Jagannath, four crore Odias and police administration. He said he was not aware of the fact that the Srimandir is no flying zone nor did his drone show any warning. He said he had committed the mistake unknowingly. 

“I work for Tourism Department. I had come to Puri to shoot a documentary. With permission from a police official, I took the drone shot of Srimandir,” Animesh had told yesterday. 

As per reports, the 5 minute 43 seconds video of ‘Nilachakra’ and the aerial view of the 12th-century temple went viral after it was shared by one Krushna Chandra Padhy on his social media account. The clip was earlier uploaded by Animesh on his YouTube channel Animesh YouTube.

The incident once again put the Srimandir’s security arrangements in question.

Serious lapses in the security arrangements of the temple have been blamed for such frequent incidents. Flying drones or any other such objects near Srimandir is prohibited. Now a question is arising in spite of the ban, how a drone flew around the temple and captured the video, catching the Srimandir police and security personnel napping.