Vikash Sharma

From a Municipal Councillor to the country's First Citizen in 2022, everyone is now aware of the journey of President Droupadi Murmu who has become an inspiration for many across the world.

During her second Odisha visit after assuming office as the President of India, Droupadi Murmu today shared her personal experience with yoga that changed her life completely.

While attending the foundation day programme of Jnanaprabha Mission, a charitable organisation in Bhubaneswar today, the President said, “Yoga acts as a connection between the soul and the divinity. One needs to strive for purification of the body, mind and soul and spiritual awakening. We should not run after materialistic things, rather strive to attain knowledge and focus on spiritual awakening.”

While sharing her personal experience, Murmu said that there was certain phase in her life where she had completely lost hope. “It was during that phase that I got attracted towards yoga and it was due to this I have been able to regather myself. It was only through yoga that I regained faith in life and I still practice yoga. I think I will not be able to reach such a place where I am today without yoga. Yoga keeps us physically and mentally fit,” said Murmu.

In today’s materialistic world, human needs and aspirations are unlimited. If one gets attracted towards yoga, it is certain that one will be able to give meaning to his/her own life, the President said. “Today I am blessed to be here at the institution as it reminded me of my mother. There is no other person who can take place of a mother. Women assumes significance place in the society. Mothers have always a great role in the spiritual evolution of the world,” said Murmu.

“Our tradition puts mother at the top and we need to ask whether today’s youngsters are giving adequate love and care to their parents. Youngsters should strive to serve their parents,” said Murmu.

Today, women are playing leading roles, be it spirituality, politics, education or any other field. There are several organisations that are working for upliftment of women, said Murmu.

According to the President, it is only due to the efforts of India that the world has now realised the importance of yoga which plays an important role in bringing peace and physical wellness.

Prevention is better than cure for a healthy life. If we remain ‘Yog-yukt’ (associated with Yoga), we can remain ‘Rog-mukt’ (free from diseases). Through yoga, we can attain a healthy body and peaceful mind. In today’s world materialistic happiness is not beyond the reach, but peace of mind may be beyond the reach of many. For them, Yoga is the only way to find peace of mind, said Murmu.

Jnanaprabha is an independent organization for the mother seekers. The organization is named after the name of Paramahamsa Yoganandji's mother's name “Jnanaprabha”.

The President Droupadi Murmu is also scheduled to visit her alma mater -- Rama Devi Women’s University for this year's convocation today. It is pertinent to mention here that the President had completed her BA from the same institutions way back in 1979.

On the second day of her Odisha visit, on Saturday, Murmu is scheduled to visit Lord Lingaraj temple and then inaugurate the second Indian Rice Congress at the National Rice Research Institute in Cuttack.

After assuming office as the President of India, Droupadi Murmu had made her first visit to Odisha in November last year.

Odisha Governor, Ganeshi Lal said, “It is the responsibility of all to spread happiness, fragrance and knowledge; and one should strive to acquire them constantly.”