Pradeep Pattanayak

The Health department has started taking measures to control the worm menace, giving the residents of Athagadpatna area under Kabisuryanagar block of Ganjam district a reason to heave a sigh of relief. 

The people of Athagadpatna area have been spending sleepless nights because a swarm of worms emerged from nowhere and infested the whole village. 

The Health department sprayed bleaching powder and phenyl on Friday evening and the menace was reduced to some extent. But the villagers woke up to the same situation on Saturday morning. Worms were seen crawling everywhere including houses, leaving the villagers at their wits' end. 

The Health department resumed the operation on Sunday morning. The Health department officials said they would take the help of the Agriculture department on how to control the situation. 

Local residents alleged they have been witnessing the menace for last two years. They appear basically in winter season. They complained blisters are appearing on their skin s after coming in contact with the insects. 

Regarding the root cause of such a situation, the villagers blamed an abandoned drain saying the contaminated stagnant water in the drain is the breeding place for these worms. 

“The situation has been controlled to some extent after the health department sprayed bleaching powder and phenyl. To end the problem, the drain should be dried out,” said Jitendra Tarai, a local resident.   

When asked about measures being taken, Health Department supervisor, Sasanka Sekhar Mohanty said, “We have sprayed bleaching powder and phenyl. The Agriculture department will decide the next course of action.”