Himansu Shekhar Rout

Low pressure-induced rainfall and unrelenting elephant menace are currently dealing a double whammy to farmers in the Tangi-Choudwar area of Cuttack district.

As per reports, most of them have lost their sleep over jumbos which have been damaging crops almost every night. They keep on burning fires throughout the night to drive away the animals.

Adding to their miseries is the low-pressure-spurred rainfall. They find it difficult to save their ripe crops from getting wet and damaged.

Villagers of Bamburi in Shalagaon panchayat alleged that herds of elephants are trampling and destroying crops in acres of land. To save the crops, they have to stand guard at their farmlands throughout the night. Now, they make fires near farmlands to scare away the animals. Not only Bamburi but also several other villages are affected by the elephants. 

About a week ago, a herd of 18 elephants from Chandaka damaged crops in the area. Now five to six elephants are damaging crops, one of the villagers said, adding that they have been at the receiving end of this problem for the last eight years. Now, they are 

Though the Forest Department has been apprised of the issue, it hardly does anything to tackle the problem, they rued.

They are also equally worried about the rains playing havoc.

  • Reported by:
  • Prakash Nayak