Cassian Baliarsingh

Expressing outrage over the opening of public toilets, members of Subhash Sangathan in Cuttack staged a unique protest by taking bath and brushing in the public. The agitated members slammed Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) for keeping public toilets locked ever since the inauguration during Hockey World Cup.

According to sources, the CMC has constructed at least four hi-tech public toilets in the Silver city during the Hockey World Cup. Interestingly, the toilets have been kept locked ever since and not opened for the public. Despite repeated demands to open the toilets for the public, the CMC has allegedly turned deaf ears to the pleas of the residents.

Demanding the immediate opening of the public toilets for the use of common men, the members of Subhash Sangathan on Sunday assembled and did their daily chores in front of the toilets as a mark of protest.

Known for their unique protests, the members were spotted brushing and bathing and protesting with buckets and mugs in front of the toilets.

“We have always stood up against various problems that have plagued the Silver City. Today, we have assembled here with buckets and mugs, because the Hockey World Cup inauguration ceremony was held in Cuttack’s Barabati Stadium. The government spent a whopping Rs 30 crore in the renovation of the ring road that included the construction of 4 hi-tech public toilets,” said a senior member of the Sangathan.

“But, it seems like the hi-tech toilets were only made for showoff to foreigners. But, local people have been deprived of using them as they are locked since the first day. It is really sad that we have to protest against the opening of public toilets which is our basic right.”

“We male can attend nature’s call anywhere. But, women don’t have the biological freedom to do that. So, it is extremely important for public toilets to be opened for women,” he added.

  • Reported by:
  • Biswajit Acharya